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At Dimension Data, we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their ambitions with the transformative power of technology. Our key differentiators are our client experience, the quality and values of our people, the sophistication and automation of our delivery platform, our geographic footprint, and our client base. We hold our clients at the centre of everything we do, and our desire to enable greatness for our clients inspires us every day. We’re proud to share some of our recent client stories with you. ISPPC
The Intercommunale de Santé Publique du Pays Charleroi (ISPPC), a public hospital group in Belgium, is passionate about their patients’ wellbeing and creating an environment that feels like home. Their ambition is to provide their clients with not only the most appropriate care, but also the most compassionate care. Using a combination of digital technologies and related services, Dimension Data helped ISPPC create a smart hospital group, where every operational discipline contributes to the seamless provision of the most advanced care available. Caregiver satisfaction, patient trust, and operational agility have soared while operational costs have dropped.
Tour de France As the Official Technology Partner for the Tour de France, we’re helping Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.), owners of the Tour de France, to revolutionise the viewing experience of billions of cycling fans across the globe and tell better stories with data. In 2016, we improved the technology we deployed at the race by introducing:
Through the solution, the A.S.O. is able to provide their tech-savvy multichannel sports audience with never before seen live speed data. The beta live-tracking site — coupled with live data reporting on social media — permeated almost every aspect of the fans’ experience, from online platforms, to social media, and television broadcasts. The more comprehensive, accessible, and compelling the information is that A.S.O. provides to an information-hungry audience, the more relevant and successful it is as a business.
‘Because of the tools it gives us, digital technology helps us be better doctors. It boosts our ability to offer the most effective care and, thereby, relieve suffering.’ - Dr Mark Vrankcx, head of the ISPPC emergency department.
  • new ways of capturing race data including next-generation tracking devices and a bigger data truck with cutting-edge technology
  • new insights into race tactics and more data including live gradient for every rider and live wind speed and direction
  • new ways of analysing race data including handling even more data, even faster, and new features to provide insights into time trial stages
West Yorkshire Police
The West Yorkshire Police Department, the territorial police force in northern England, are passionate about the interest and safety of their community. That’s why they asked Dimension Data to use the same mobile tracking technology deployed at the Tour de France to make the Tour de Yorkshire a better and safer for everyone. Each police vehicle was provided with a Dimension Data tracking device with GPS tracking capability. The positioning data generated by the tracking devices was then relayed via the local cell phone network to the Dimension Data cloud, where it was collated and analysed. This information was then displayed in the form of a route map hosted on the Tour de Yorkshire live-tracking website that showed the type of police vehicle and its exact location along the route, in real-time.
‘There was a lot of question marks as to whether a region like Yorkshire was able to manage a world-class sporting event. The evidence of what’s happened at the Tour de Yorkshire and our work with Dimension Data proved that we can not only manage a successful event, but that it can also be a very safe one.’ - Mark Milsom, Assistant Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police
Technology is a catalyst for the change of sport and it’s really exciting to see how the same technology can also help to make the immediate support environments of such major events more effective. Sound bite Hirsch's
Hirsch’s, a large independent appliance store in South Africa, believe technology can enable greatness and looked to us to help them transform into the digital business they are today. Their brand is known for looking after both their customers and staff extremely well and doing things differently. Hirsch’s ambition was to translate their positive in-store experience, which both employees and customers value, online and turned to Dimension Data to help. With our technology, Hirsch’s has been able to create a secure and scalable e-commerce platform, grounded in the family values that make Hirsch’s who they are, which has contributed to the overall growth of the company.
‘We’re a family business and we treat our customers like family. So, having Dimension Data treat us like their family and give us the best possible customer experience created a synergy that has driven exponential growth.’ - Gavin Singh, Hirsch’s E-commerce and Digital Marketing Manager.
First Choice Global
First Choice Global provides a world class money remittance service to Africans working in the diaspora who want to send money home. They had ambitions to become a global leader in money transfer options for emerging markets, by creating a money transfer ecosystem on which to deliver turnkey solutions for international financial services institutions interfacing with emerging economies. Partnering with Dimension Data and making use of our technology, FCG was able to gain financial services providers’ confidence, enter untested waters, and break new ground in the financial services industry. Our global presence and providing the only global cloud platform available enabled FCG to build their money transfer ecosystem and create an app, SAWAPay, which provides an instant, free, money remittance, and has helped to increase foreign exchange flows into Africa, build our economy and improve our quality of life.
‘African start-ups cannot easily attract the attention of a global technology group, but Dimension Data was very welcoming. It also gave us an additional edge as the only cloud provider able to assure our American financial services partners of data sovereignty.’ - Alan Osoro, First Choice Global Managing Director
More than just a fintech play
Putting money to work for everyone
By creating a free financial service for people who cannot afford to use conventional money transfer facilities, First Choice Global is:
  • Democratising financial access
  • Helping Africa take another step towards becoming a producer rather than simply a consumer of technology
  • Reinforcing the role Africa is beginning to play in the international delivery of financial services.
The disruptive mechanism
An app
  • Designed by the start-up
  • Running on the only global cloud
- already trusted by the financial services industry - able to assure data sovereignty - able to provide local support on the ground in Kenya - able to engender rapid growth for its customers because it has data centres in all major centres around the world.
Asia Commercial Bank In order to continuously maintain its industry leadership and meet the demands of a digitising economy, Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), Vietnam’s largest privately-owned bank, decided to overhaul its legacy system so it could deliver customer services on a mobile, digital platform to enhance internal user productivity. In eight months, Dimension Data migrated ACB to an entirely new platform built on Microsoft Unified Communications and Collaboration Suite. By securing mobile, social media, and cloud capabilities across the board in one step, ABC can now innovate with products, services, and delivery tools. It has improved their customer satisfaction and has also won the Best Cloud-based project in Vietnam for 2016, part of the 10th Asian Banker Technology Innovation Awards Programme.
‘A single project has given us the ability to manage the future,’ says -Matthew Martin, CIO, Asia Commercial Bank
The full Microsoft Unified Communications and Collaboration suite implemented across the board, on premise but cloud ready
So, ACB now has...
fully compliant workplace of the future
with single sign-on
communication embracing mobile and social media*
*Immediately post go-live: 20% of staff using a social media platform; 50% using mobile access for Lync and mail
A hybrid,
9 000 users
Server uptime
increased from 95% to 99.9%
innovation capabilities
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