Message from the Group CEO
We’re living in an era where technology is at the forefront of changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another in ways we’ve only dreamt of before.
The Internet of Things, analytics, mobility, virtualisation, cloud, and security are unlocking the potential for businesses to accelerate their ambitions at an unprecedented speed. Every day, businesses prove that with the increased reach and capacity of technology, they now have the power to deliver more, better, faster, more directly and cost-effectively than ever before. It’s no surprise that the four of the five most valuable companies in the world by market cap are now technology companies – organisations that are embracing the digital world to do things differently. Dimension Data is helping our clients embrace this future and use the power of technology to do great things. We have solutions and capabilities across all core technology areas, and our core differentiator is our client experience. That’s why client centricity lies at the heart of our values. I’m so pleased with the great work our people do every day to help our clients achieve great things with technology.

This is Dimension Data’s second People, Planet and Profit report. We’re proud to share our stories of:
  • how our people are passionately working to fulfil our ambition to be the company that makes a real difference to our clients, our people, and societies
  • the great work they are doing to protect our planet, future generations, and enable greatness in our local communities
  • how we’re measuring our success – not just financial profit but being able to invest in our clients’ future and provide them with the right products and services to accelerate their ambitions.
We feel privileged to do the work that we do for our clients, in our communities, and through our people to help them all accelerate their ambitions. I encourage you to read this report and to understand how.
Jason Goodall
Group CEO Dimension Data
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People | Planet | Profit 2017 Report
Group CEO's message
Who we are and what we do
Group CEO's message
Who we are and what we do
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