Senior Women's Leadership Development program
Dimension Data diversity profile
Dimension Data diversity profile
Accelerating diversity at Dimension Data
As for many of our clients, diversity is a strategic priority for Dimension Data. There’s plenty of research that suggests companies with more diverse workforces have stronger business performance, enhanced corporate reputation, are able to attract and retain key talent, and increase customer satisfaction. When we’re successful, we can help our clients be successful so, it is our priority to create an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone can thrive, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and disability. With Workday as our new global solution for managing and reporting on our talent, we’ve gained greater access to talent analytics. This is a fundamental step in helping us understand the current trends in our talent make up and how we want to build our talent in the future.
Greater transparency with Workday Throughout the rollout of our Workday solution, we’ve got much greater transparency of our employee base and the makeup of our employee base.
female employees globally
employees under the age of 34 years globally
Employees who’ve been with us for 5+ years
We’re proactively working with all of our countries on a number of diversity initiatives, some of which are listed below.
NTT Senior Women’s Leadership Program 2015
NTT’s Senior Women’s Leadership Program is the company’s first global group-wide leadership program for women. Developed in partnership with Henley Business School in the UK, the program is designed to develop leadership skills and foster participant’s influence to drive the organisational change required within the NTT Group. Participants of the program are invited across the NTT Group and Dimension Data is delighted to have had six female leaders participate in the program this year.
NTT Global Leadership Development Program 2016
Over the last year, the NTT Senior Women’s Leadership Program evolved into the Global Leadership Development Program Leadership Excellence and Accelerating Diversity (GLDP LEAD) for both men and women. The role of the program is to broaden the strategic perspective of senior leaders across the Group by deepening their understanding of how the world is changing and NTT’s global strategy. It also aims to build the crucial capabilities required to foster and leverage a truly diverse and innovative culture that will accelerate NTT’s global business in a rapidly changing world. Five employees (four women and one man) from Dimension Data participated in the program and enjoyed the gender unity aspect which is so vital in business today.
NTT Global Leadership Development program
  • creating awareness about the lack of gender unity in business today and provide education about the value of diversity in business
  • educating women on how to create and sustain relationships and environments of inclusivity and diversity
  • establishing a platform for meaningful networking internally and across brands
  • providing individual and group driven mentorship
  • enabling group based problem solving for workplace challenges
  • addressing deep seated assumptions and stereotypes associated with women and men in business and how to effectively dispel and deal with them
  • offering inspiration and empowerment through personal development, sharing stories and unlocking latent potential
Dimension Data Women’s Forum – Middle East and Africa
The Dimension Data Women’s Forum was developed in South Africa and is a programme set-up and run by Dimension Data with the intention of promoting and enabling gender equity. The Dimension Data Women’s Forum is made of three key initiatives, the flagship of which is the Women’s Forum Chapter Network. The Chapters are structures for dialogue, strategic thinking and, execution to promote and enable gender equity on a values and assumptions level of organisational culture by:
True North events, another initiative run under this programme, bring women and men from Dimension Data, Internet Solutions, DDAI, and Britehouse along with key clients, partners, and vendors in dialogue regarding inclusivity, diversity and the value of women in business, as leaders and economically active citizens in today’s world. #TechGirl partners with the Dimension Data Saturday School and creates opportunities for schoolgirls, aged between 15 and 17, to follow a structured job-shadowing program during school holidays. This is done by placing girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in a structured job shadowing initiatives across the Dimension Data organisation to expose them to the world of work to enable them to make informed career choices.
Dimension Data’s C2 Initiative
Create & Collaborate is an internal group that builds awareness, drives action, and maintains accountability to recruit and retain more women across Dimension Data. Our mission is to foster an environment and culture where women can thrive and diversity is valued because embracing and developing this culture will drive better social and business outcomes for Dimension Data. To date, we have 740 members in the group who share and collaborate around the topic of diversity using Yammer. This group has been instrumental in bringing together employees across the globe around the topic of diversity.
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Accelerating diversity at Dimension Data
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